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CNC Pipe/Tube Forming & Threading

Call us about formed threaded pipe today    Call us about threaded pipe toay    Huge inventory of threaded stainless steel pipe

Starland Metals has been in the pipe and tube business for a long time, and we just got better at it with the addition of new technology.

Because we make a number of parts with applications in the agriculture industry, many of our customers also need water pipe and drinker parts and accessories as well.

 Any combination of threading and forming available

To meet this demand, we stock and fabricate a large number of pipe and tube parts, from run-of-the-mill water pipe connections to more elaborate drinker setups. We cut and thread male and female parts, with precision threading and forming.

Our custom-built pipe threading center

Our unique custom-built CNC pipe-threading center helps us produce threaded pipe faster and more efficiently. Designed and manufactured by one of Europe's leading fabricators, this new machine can make both male and female threads, and threads both ends of the pipe simultaneously, for added efficiency.

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